Wednesday, December 17, 2008

WednesDay in Football

Penn State coach Joe Paterno was given a three year contract extension. The only way this makes sense is if the NCAA operates something like the plot of Dead Man on Campus, but instead of getting straight As if you roommate dies, a football team gets an automatic BCS bid if their coach croaks on the sidelines.

In an interview, Florida coach Urban Meyer said that coaching at Notre Dame is his "dream job." First, wasn't a similar statement exactly what got Jim Mora, Jr. fired from the Atlanta Falcons? I wonder how Gators fans are responding. Second, how many Notre Dame boosters got on conference calls with their accountants to figure out the exact moment in the next few seasons that they could afford to buy out both Charlie Weis and Urban Meyer?

Illinois linebacker Martez Wilson is out of the hospital after being treated for stab wounds incurred while helping a friend in a bar fight. No word on why a 19 year old was in a bar in the first place. Mercy me, kids these days!

The Pro Bowl rosters were announced, and while the Mannings have become the first quarterback brothers to be voted to the same Pro Bowl and Brett Favre is making his 10th appearance, no story is better than the fact that Mario Williams is making his first appearance. People loved taking the piss out of Williams because he wasn't Vince Young or Reggie Bush (which is good for him since the former is a depressed dummy and the latter, well, check the next link). So good for you, Mario. You know, the best way to celebrate is to take a leisurely 140 mile per hour drive in your Lamborghini.

Speaking of Reggie Bush, the NFL's next big thing, is going to miss the Saints final two games with a knee injury. Well, at least he's got that one broad that everybody saw get piped by Brandy's little brother to keep him company.

Indianapolis Colts receiver Marvin Harrison had an MRI for a hamstring issue and is questionable for this week's game. It might be a tough pill to swallow, but Marvin's career is dee-you-en done. Thanks for the memories and awesome mustache.

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