Thursday, December 4, 2008

ThursDay in Football

Tommy Tuberville and his enormous ears are out at Auburn, that much doesn't come as a surprise. But apparently, his resignation shocked athletic director Jay Jacobs. Whaaaa? I figured there was a zero percent chance Tuberville wasn't pressured into a resignation. I guess it just goes to show that you shouldn't assume because it makes a dipshit out of...somebody. Or whatever.

Texas Tech coach Mike Leach and Fresno State coach Pat Hill (or, more importantly Pat Hill's mustache) removed themselves from consideration for the Washington job.

Speaking of Texas Tech, Red Raiders defensive back De'Shon Sanders was pinched by the DEA for cocaine possession with intent. Sanders is facing a minimum 10-year sentence if convicted. Or two and a half years for each tackle he recorded this season. Statistics!

Cowboys coach Wade Phillips decided to prepare for this weekend's big game against Pittsburgh by sending the team home. Welp, that's one way to do it....

The NFLPA filed a lawsuit hoping to block the suspensions of those water pillers. By which I mean the six players that took diuretics as opposed to "water pillars" which wouldn't make any sense.

Back spasms limited Marshawn Lynch's activity in Bills practice. Man, Rochester and I were really high on Buffalo at the beginning of the year, but this season's kinda gone in the shitter. Sorry, Bills.

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