Monday, December 15, 2008

MonDay in Football

Auburn shocked the world and hired Iowa State's Gene Chizik as their new head coach. More importantly, though, Auburn legend Charles Barkley thinks the hire is some bullshit. There isn't going to be a coach in the country under a finer microscope than Chizik. At least he's a proven winner. Oh, wait, what's that? His record at Iowa State is 5-19 in two years? Yikes.

Oklahoma quarterback Sam Bradford won the Heisman. Now, with the last two winners facing off in the National Championship, that mainstream sports media cream dream just got creamier and dreamier.

The rumor is reality: Monte Kiffin accepted a position as defensive coordinator on his son's staff at the University of Tennessee. It seems weird that Kiffin the elder would take what is, by all accounts, a demotion, and will be interesting to see if Lane is going to have the testicular fortitude to yell at his old man on the sidelines. And so help me Christ, if we get one hit from a Google search of "on his son's staff" that IP address is going straight to Chris Hansen.

Giving an advance look at how they're likely to fare in the playoffs, the Arizona Cardinals allowed Tarvaris Jackson to throw four touchdowns against them in a 35-14 loss. At home. Tarvaris Jackson. Four touchdown passes.

The Giants looked pretty inept in a loss to the Cowboys, costing us the opportunity to see a Cowboys sideline meltdown. It's easy to say that the drama was manufactured by Ed Werder after a win, but you know, I just don't have it in me to give Terrell Owens the benefit of the doubt.

Dick Jauron is confident he'll be back as head coach of the Buffalo Bills next season. I mean, where else are they going to find a coach to get a team to play hot at the start of the season and then fade big time midway through the season?

If you were to use Photoshop to make a Zombie Dick Jauron, well, half your work would be done by just opening the image.

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