Tuesday, December 16, 2008

TuesDay in Football

Welp, Oklahoma running back DeMarco Murray is out of the National Championship game against Florida. He hurt his hamstring returning a kick off against Missouri in the Big 12 Championship game and is having surgery to fix it. You know what the decision to play Murray on special teams gets coach Bob Stoops? A sarcastic slow clap.

Crafty Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson is adding a few wrinkles to the Yellow Jackets offense before the Chik-fil-A Bowl agains LSU. Since Johnson runs a triple option, I'm guessing those tweaks are going to include stuff like doing the Lindy Hop.

The AP All-America Team was announced. And...yeah. That's it, I guess.

After catching 11 passes this season, Jacksonville Jaguars widereceiver Jerry Porter is going to spend the rest of the season on the IR. Bear in mind, before the season, he signed a six year $30 million dollar contract with $10 million guaranteed. Geez, the only other job in America that lucrative is governor of Illionois. HEY-OOOOH!

Apparently the Eagles beat the Browns 30-10 on Monday Night Football last night. The real story is that the Browns (with five primetime games this year) have proven that speculative scheduling is a dangerous game.

LOLZorn has said that he feels "like the worst coach in America." Surely I can't be the only person imagining Zorn shuffling around the Redskins offices with his chin in his chest while the Peanuts music plays like George Michael in that one episode of Arrested Development, right?

"One down...ten to go...."

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