Thursday, December 18, 2008

ThursDay in Football

Hey, FCS, you're about to get a new member. The University of Texas at San Antonio got permission to start themselves a football program. With the unanimously board-approved $84 million athletic complex expansion and a planned $100 million fundraising campaign (they're going to have to move a lot of tacky shit to hit that goal), the Roadrunners may be suiting up as early as the 2011 season. You know, even though it's damn near 2009, 2011 still sounds like some kinda ultra-future date.

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow is checking on his draft status. I can say right now that as a quarterback he's mid-round at best. As an all around good guy, well, that young man's a lottery pick!

Paul Johnson's success in his first year at Georgia Tech (9-3) got the head coach a little more coin. So let that be a lesson to you. When the experts say that spread formation and passing attacks are the future of college football, you can say: "You're all wet! The triple options just Jake! Why lookit all that heavy sugar, Cool Paul Johnson pocketed!"

A four touchdown performance got Tarvaris Jackson the start for this week's game against Atlanta. Really it's not that surprising because: 1. Jackson did throw four touchdowns in a win last week; 2. the other option's still Gus Frerotte; and 3. Brad "Major Dad" Childress has a huuuuuge crush on Tarvaris Jackson.

Jaguars offensive lineman Richard Collier, paralyzed in a shooting earlier this fall, will be recognized before tonight's game against the Colts.

The Packers have put safety Atari Bigby on the IR, shutting him down for the remainder of the season. Shutting down the Atari.... What is this? 1983? Zing-dingery-DOOOOO!

No joke, Rochester loves San Antonio.

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Rochester said...

San Antonio also has the best Mexican place in the lower 48, La Fogata. Which was started in on old gas station and then they just bought up everything around it. I went to the bathroom and had to walk through an indoor jungle and a pool made of margaritas. Also, I think La Fogata is Spanish for Foghat.