Friday, December 12, 2008

Syracuse? FAIL!

If you listen to the past couple of podcasts, and I know you did, then you'll know my feeling on the lack of African-American (aka black) coaches on in NCAA FBS football. It is pathetic. Now I am as liberal as the next man, if that man happens to be a redneck. But this stuff is really starting to try my patience. So I was shocked when the athletic officials at Syracuse University named Doug Marrone as there next head coach. I have no idea if they even look at any black candidates, but this is a bad hire. This will not end well for the Orange. Why do I hate this hire so much?

One, he is an alumni hire. As with UNC and NC State have shown me on an all to personal level. alumni don't always make for such spectacular hires. Heck, look at Phil Fulmer. Speaking of alumni, does Jim Brown have nothing to say about this?

Two, his resume is not all that amazing. He is the current offensive coordinator for the New Orleans Saints and has been since 2006. Ya know, the one team that isn't going to the playoff out of the NFC South. Yes, their offensive stats are gaudy, but this is with the influx of Drew Brees, his mole, and Reggie Bush. AND HOW DOES MARRONE USE REGGIE BUSH? Punt returner and slot receiver. Genius! The only bright spot was when he was offensive line coach for the New York Jets. However, I don't think that Syracuse can has a Curtis Martin on their roster for next year. I know that Curtis Martin has used up all his eligibly.

Another thing that drives me nuts is that half of all sport media talking heads went to Syracuse (the other half went to Northwestern) are so enamoured with this dude. SHUT UP, TIRICO! We do a lot of prognosticating and estimating at Action Football! So here is mine for next season for Syracuse. With game against 3 upstart Big Ten opponents (one being Penn State in State College) and 4 toughies in conference, you are looking at 5-7. That is a one game improvement. That is well worth the egg on their face.

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Samuel said...

I agree, 'Cuse (as in Cuse-to-be relevant) rushed the pick and missed an opportunity. I must however correct you. Sage Steele did not go to Northwestern or SU. But then again she really isn't a sport media talking head. She is a no talent having, fellate your way on the air slag, who will be first against the wall when the revolution comes