Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better Know a Bowl: Pioneer Las Vegas Bowl

When: December, 20th, 8 PM
Where: Las Vegas, NV; ESPN
The BYU Cougars (10-2) vs. the Arizona Wildcats (7-5)

Man oh man oh man, much like Fresno State, BYU's gone from being a hyped BCS buster to playing in a December 20th Disappointment Bowl. Unlike Fresno State, BYU seemed like a more legitimate threat and held onto their aspirations much later in the season. So while BYU should be able to dismantle Arizona, Arizona's going to be pumped way up since it's their first bowl in a decade, and BYU may be saddled with a bit of let-down that this is where (and who) they're playing; this might turn out to be a closer game than it seems.

Plus, since it's still before Christmas, don't overlook the preoccupation of gift buying on the BYU players and coaches. It's not easy shopping for, like, a half dozen sister-wife moms and forty siblings.

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