Friday, December 12, 2008

Better Know a Bowl: The San Diego Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl

When: December, 23rd, 8 PM
Where: San Diego, CA; ESPN
The Boise State Broncos (12-0) vs. the Texas Christian Horned Frons (10-2)

Perhaps no team got screwed harder this bowl season than Boise State. Won your division? Went undefeated? Too fucking bad, you're playing on December 23rd. Of course, there are worse fates than playing in San Diego; they could have been stuck playing on their creepy blue turf in the Humanitarian Bowl. There's actually a more subtle way they got screwed though: pulling a quality opponent like TCU. Had they gotten somebody like Florida Atlantic, they could have put a world class beatdown on them and made the BCS rules look even more foolish. Instead, we get to watch what should be a pretty good game, but the BCS brass gets to say, "See, the system breeds competitive games!"

Each team has a runner to watch: Boise State's Ian Johnson probably won't propose to a cheerleader after a touchdown again (but the commentators are likely to mention the fact that the man knits); TCU's Joseph Turner is a 6-1, 226 pound bruiser that leads the team with 10 rushing touchdowns.

And really, what the hell else are you going to be doing on December 23rd?

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