Monday, December 15, 2008

Better Know a Bowl: The Sheraton Hawaii Bowl

When: December, 24th, 8 PM
Where: Honolulu, HI; ESPN
The Hawaii Rainbow Warriors (7-6) vs. the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (6-6)

Please oh please oh please oh please let Notre Dame lose again! That's all I want for Christmas. (Well, and a Playstation 3.)

Honestly, I know shit-all about Hawaii this year. After Colt Brennan took his "totally not a system quarterback" game to the NFL and June Jones bounced for the mainland, nobody's paid a bit of attention to them. Unfortunately, by all accounts, Notre Dame's recruiting classes under Charlie Weis have been good, and this game might be the one that shows the tides are turning in South Bend. A win against Hawaii is by no means a significant one, but one they could use as a positive heading into the spring all the same.

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