Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ha! Remember when I said we were back nearly two months ago? PSYCH!

Anyway, I'm only just dropping in now. (Who knows, maybe when training camp starts we'll get back on this horse. Sue us.)

As any of you that might happen upon this blog already know, NY/NJ has been awarded Super Bowl Ex El Vee Eye Eye Eye (2014). Bloggers and the Main Stream Sports Media have been going on about the possible weather ad nauseum so far, but today I happened upon an article that is easily the laziest and biggest stretch of the bunch:

Meadowlands in February? Watch for Snowballs

Seriously? This article is the kind of "hey, remember this game" bullshit that reeks of getting something in under the deadline. There's a near one hundred percent chance that N.R. Kleinfeld has had this article written for at least a decade and finally decided to pass it on to his editor so he could take an afternoon off.