Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Better Know a Bowl: magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl

When: December, 20th, 4:30 PM
Where: St. Petersburg, FL; ESPN2
The Memphis Tigers (6-6) vs. the South Florida Bulls (7-5)

This game doesn't even have the distinction of being the first bowl game of the season. Instead, you get a game brought to you buy, apparently, some doo-hickey you can stick in your wall and plug your phone into and, I don't know, pay less for phone calls or something. (I assumed it was an amazing new way to masturbate. Boy was I wrong.) The game features Memphis, who nobody paid attention to and who did shit-all against anybody worth a damn, and South Florida, who were hot there for a minute but then fell faster than the gas prices rose (bear in mind I'm looking at the time between August and October...).

Still, if you're planning to watch the game - and you really should, because before you know it it's going to be the middle of February and you'll be faced with the grim realization that meaningful football's six and a half months away, and you don't want to regret, then, not watching it when you had the chance - well, Memphis and South Florida both run spread, wide open offenses, so on paper at least, there should be a lot of scoring.

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