Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In Paralyzed Amputee News

It's easy to get wrapped up in football watching and blogging, thinking that Wisconsin blowing a lead to Michigan or NC State getting waxed by South Florida matters, but then you read a story like this: Jaguars' offensive tackle Richard Collier, who was shot on September 2nd, is paralyzed from the waist down and had his left leg amputated.

Collier and former Jag Kenny Pettway were in a car behind and apartment waiting for two women when the shooting occurred leaving 14 bullets (!) in Collier. The word is, although there's no known motive, Collier was targeted by the shooter(s). Pettway was uninjured. It's terrible that Collier's way of life has been irreparably altered, but amazing and fortunate that he's still alive. It sounds like he's got a close, supportive family around him, which will no doubt aid and ease his recovery.

If blaxploitation movies have taught me anything, the most probable explanation is that one of the women's older brothers is a Jacksonville pimp and drug dealer who's corrupting the neighborhood. Collier was sick of seeing what was happening to the young brothers and sisters in the street so he decided to take a stand. After hitting the streets and straightening out some of the wayward youth, the gangster realized that Collier was fucking with his bottom line. So, knowing he couldn't get to Collier directly, he bought the small apartment building that Pettway's widowed grandmother lives in, met Pettway in the back of a pool hall and threatened to evict his grandmother if he didn't get Collier to accompany him to the apartment building parking lot. No doubt Pettway was assured there'd be no rough stuff, just a meeting.

So then, Pettway told Collier that he had arranged a double date with a couple of stewardesses that he had met while hanging out at the pool hall, but that they wouldn't be able to get together until after their flight had gotten in and they had a chance to clean up at the apartment they shared. Just as Pettway and Collier pulled up behind the apartment, the gangster met his sister and her roommate as they were leaving to meet the men. At the same moment the gangster intercepted the women, some of the gangster's thugs popped out from behind the dumpster next to Collier's car and opened fire.

All that's left now is for Pettway to tearfully admit his forced involvement to Collier in his hospital room, promising that he didn't know there'd be violence, Collier to accept his apology, and the two men to band together to bring justice to the gangster and take back the streets.

Oh, and to make sweet love to those ladies they didn't get to meet up with that night.

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