Wednesday, September 24, 2008

WednesDay in Football

Chris Phillips, a senior cornerback and team leader at Indiana, will miss the remainder of the season with a torn ACL. So much for Indiana's bowl game aspirations....

On the advice of Emmitt Smith (by way of Dallas rookie and former Georgia Tech running back Tashard Price), Paul Johnson's Georgia Tech team will be drinking Pedialyte to beat cramps. And also on the advice of Emmitt Smith, the Yellow Jackets will be using Just for Men hair color to beat looking old. You can brush that shit in your beard!

There's a-gonna be a "white out" at Penn State. Says quarterback Daryll Clark: "Prime time, the stage is set so high. And then the 'White House' is what we call it. The big white out." Look, pick a stupid pun and stick with it. You can either have a white out, like the snow phenomenon, or the White House, pal.

Matt Millen? Fired??? What's the American workplace coming to when a mere seven plus years of gross incompetence will lose a man his job? For shame, Ford family. For shame.

The Giants suspended wide out Plaxico Burress for a game for failing to call in to say he was going to miss practice. Hey, whatever... Um...isn't Drew Rosenhaus a real piece of shit?

The key to success in the NFL is consistency at the most important position: quarterback. Which, I guess, is why it's no surprise that Kansas City's starting their fourth different quarterback in four games. It's your time to shine, Damon Huard!

Wow, it's amazing they were able to capture such a dynamic personality in a wax statue.

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