Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The Most Hilarious Football Story Likely To Happen This Year

1. The Lions sign Rudi Johnson after Cincinnati releases him.

2. The Lions release Tatum Bell.

3. Johnson shows up in Detroit and swings by Matt Millen's office, leaving his luggage in the hallway.

4. Bell steals all Johnson's luggage and takes it to some lady's house.

Man, just allow that last part to sink in a bit.... Fantastic!


John said...

I thought my favorite part was going to be when Bell returned the empty suitcases,but then it turned out that the prime contents were "underdrawers." What is Rudi going to do with all those boxers/briefs?

John said...

Oops.. What is Tatum going to do with all the drawers?

Buddy said...

You can never have too much underwear.