Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Action Football! Episode 2 Live* and Direct**

Just like last time, clicking the image will take you to Gcast for the stream. Also just like last time, you can use the subscribe via iTunes ( in Advanced>Subscribe to podcast).

And, hey, remember when we said that this one wouldn't be 80 minutes. It's not. It's 88. Seriously, though, until we've got bowl previews, our shows probably won't be this long....

* Not live.
** Not direct, really.


Matt said...

The subscription address is wrong... I had to use the one from the first post.

Thanks for not ripping too gratuitously on the Bears.
And next time, more swearing!

Matt said...

Fuck the Dutch? Fuck you!

3000 said...

Ah, you're a gentleman and a scholar.... My copy and paste dropped the ".xml." Whoops!