Friday, September 26, 2008

FriDay in Football

Defensive linemen Maurice Evans and Abe Koroma, a couple of Penn State's potheads, should be back in the line up Saturday. When asked for comment, Joe Paterno said, "We've made sure those youngsters steer clear of jazz cigarettes from here on out." Then he fell asleep.

USF quarterback Matt Grothe wants to make Saturday's game at NC State a "statement." In their last game, a win against Florida International, Grothe failed to throw a touchdown for just the second time in 30 starts. I'm guessing USF hangs about 42 on State. (The Wolfpack defense is good, but they're gonna be gassed after the offense three-and-outs every single possession....)

The Ravens defense is pissed about a text message from Steelers rookie running back Rashard Mendenhall to friend, and Ravens rookie running back, Ray Rice. In it, Mendenhall says he's going to have a big game against them. And...that's it. Ooooooh. I bet the Ravens d will be super pissed when they read that I think they look like dorks.

Apparently, while he's out at least three or four weeks, Packers cornerback Al Harris may not have to miss the whole season (as initially feared) with his dinged up spleen.

Regardless of what the NFL inquiry says, I say, mind your eyes in Cleveland.

"You guys are totally effing up my Facebook status."

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