Friday, September 26, 2008

Oh Me, Oh My, Oh-regon State

Hey, remember when I totally called that Oregon State upset yesterday? Don't bother looking, just take my word for it.

All told, it was one hell of a ballgame. Jaquizz Rogers is one shifty little fucker. (But, man, how is his name Jaquizz and his brother's James? Is James short for Jamesond'vondrae?) Normally, if I don't have any vested interested in the game, I'll pull for a close one first, and an upset second. In this instance, though, when all the Oregon State students were jumping the wall with three minutes left, I found myself pulling for USC to come back and win. Because if there's one thing I like more than an upset, it's a ton of shell-shocked dipshits with egg all over their faces.

Finally, the one thing this game gives me - besides the chance to skip reading a bunch of "what does this game mean for (insert team ranked #2 to 8)?" articles - is a four month early feeling of pity for whatever Big Ten team has to play USC in the Rose Bowl when (not if) they win the Pac 10. If last year's USC/Illinois Rose Bowl seemed like a beatdown....

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