Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Morning Quick Hits

It's the Monday morning after the first full football weekend. Frankly, I am exhausted. But not hung over because I didn't drink at all on Sunday. Take that, alcoholism!

Anyway, since we're recording the podcast tomorrow night, it's best to err on the side of caution here. Hence, I'll try to limit the amount of information put down.


The big poll activity was ECU up to #14 from #27 with their 24-3 rout of "#8" West Virginia. Otherwise, the status quo was pretty well preserved.

So far, Skippy Holtz's Pirates are the feel good story of the season. Looking at what they've done so far and the rest of their schedule, it actually doesn't seem too crazy to think they could finish undefeated....


Jacksonville, Seattle, Cleveland, and Indianapolis looked like turds; Chicago looked championship-caliber; Tom Brady's knee buckled.... It's like the Bizarro NFL. I was going to caution against getting too worked up about things after one week, citing some of the crazy week one results from last year, but...then I looked at last year's results and couldn't find any scores to back me up.

So I guess get ready for the Bears/Bills Super Bowl XLIII....

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