Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Action Football! Episode 1 is On the Air

That's right. Come join us for the first edition of the most insightful, comprehensive, high brow* football podcast ever recorded.

Click the image above to stream the podcast over at Gcast (thanks, Gcast!) or, if you're an iTunes user - and really, who isn't - simply open your iTunes, select "Subscribe to podcast..." from the "Advanced" menu and paste the following:


...to get every episode sent to your...iTunes...library. I guess.

Anyway, the first episode is a special double-episode (seriously, I don't think most of our shows will run 80 minutes -?!?) college football preview. It might be mixed a little low, so make sure you turn it down towards the end, or else the next podcast in your iTunes might blow your speakers out. Still, for our initial go, we think it's pretty good. So would our mothers, I'm sure, if it weren't for the cursing.

*Podcast may not be any of these things.

1 comment:

John said...

Good job. Just a few notes:
1) WVU has a top notch forestry school.
2) Be careful what you say about the Zips. Lebron and/or my Gramdma will come after you.
3) No John Beck = BYU is irrelevant