Friday, September 25, 2009

Your Weekend Primer

While the football "weekend" has technically started, most of the games are, of course, yet to come.

So here's what you should watch:

TCU a. Clemson (AF!) - Way back in July, this game was picked as our game to watch. With TCU ranked somewhere around 15, depending on the poll, and needing to prove they belong on the national stage and Clemson looking to make a statement, it should be a doozy. Even though this was our pick for the weekend, it isn't the Game of the Week. That would likely be...

Miami a. Virginia Tech - If the Hurricanes can score 21 points, they'll win.

But don't think that's it:
  • Southern Miss a. Kansas
  • North Carolina a. Georgia Tech
  • Cal a. Oregon
  • Texas Tech a. Houston
  • Pitt a. NC State
  • Michigan State a. Wisconsin
  • Iowa a. Penn State
A really great slate of games.

If you listen to the podcast, you already know that Sunday's as bleak as Saturday is bountiful; a whole bunch of turds on the NFL schedule. The only games worth a damn are:
  • Tennessee a. NY Jets
  • Atlanta a. New England
  • San Francisco a. Minnesota
  • Indianapolis a. Arizona
Of those, the 49ers/Vikings game is about the best. Sunday will be a real good day to do some work around the house only partially paying attention to the games on tv...

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