Friday, September 25, 2009

FriDay in Football

He may not be a role model*, but he will be starting against Wazoo. USC quarterback Matt Barkley's back, baby.

And speaking of college quarterbacks, apparently Jimmy Clausen's turf toe won't keep him out of Notre Dame's game against Purdue. Well, bully for you, Fighting Irish.

The New York Giants make like 30 Rock and tell safety Kenny Phillips to shut it down. Put on IR with a banged up knee, Phillips is out for the year.

Apparently Eagles defensive back Sheldon Brown wore a Jason mask during player introductions before last week's game against the Saints. The NFL decided that it was a fun little gimmick and chose to overlook it. Just kidding; they fined him $10,000.

* Like that Charles Barkley commercial, remember? Because both of their names are "Barkley," you see.... Ugh, never mind.

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