Friday, September 25, 2009

Ole Miss-step

South Carolina 16, Ole Miss 10

Our opinion of Ole Miss and their top 10 preseason ranking is no secret. I'm not here for any dead horse beating.

But, boy oh boy, some showing by the Rebs.

Here's a text exchange between Rochester and me:

9:52 BR: Ole Miss, huh?
9:54 RB: They're almost as good as NC State
9:54 BR: Oof.

That was right after, down 9-3, Ole Miss quarterback Jevan Snead was sacked and stripped by a South Carolina defensive lineman. It seems like the 14/15 ranking that we gave Ole Miss after our first Top 25s is about where they'll end up in the AP and Coaches polls next week.

Expect them to be a whole lot lower here at Action Football.

In a nutshell. (The State)

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