Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Slacking on our pimping.

Funny that with how exciting it is to have football back the blog's gone about as dead as it was in, say, April. In order to get reader(s) content with the content, I'm gonna try to get on my grind again. That means:
  • Doing "----Day in Football" again;
  • Making good on the promise to revisit the NCAA week-by-week picks in advance of the weekend;
  • Laying out must see games;
  • And probably some other bullshit filler (you know, lists and stuff).
That said, we're hitting Studio West for an Action Football! After Dark. This week's episode includes the debut of our Rochester * Randolph Top 25 Polls. It's gonna be the heat!

In order to kick this new found motivation kicked off, let's take a look at the Action Football! picks for NCAA weeks one through three:

Week One: Virginia Tech v. Alabama - I'm not sure if it was the game having a sponsor or that it was played in the Georgia Dome, but the aura of this game was a halftime throw-a-football-through-a-Dr. Pepper-can contest away from being a conference championship game. Or, maybe because it was the first ABC featured game after a long, long off-season I was simply prone to inflating it. Either way, 34-24 Alabama.

Week Two: Ohio State v. USC - The theme through the first few weeks (which will likely be the theme through the first few weeks from here to eternity) was "Big Ten Redemption?" There was a lot riding on this game - especially for Ohio State - and after a pretty good game, USC escaped Columbus with an 18-15 win. Of course, we all know what happened the next week: USC pooped their pants against Washington, losing 16-13, and everybody was apey over Terrelle Pryor's "bounce back" (262 yards passing, 110 rushing) in a 38-0 win over Toledo. First, USC's got a habit of let downs; second, bully for you, Ohio State, whipping a team you should whip.

Week Three: Florida v. Tennessee - By now, you've heard it everywhere: a victory for the Gators in the standings, a victory for Kiffin's Vols in spirit. Florida showed that they're not unbeatable, Tennessee showed that they're almost ready to walk the walk. Of course, I'd hold off on reading too much into the game as far as Florida's concerned; technically, the Gators showed they weren't unbeatable last year (by being beaten), only to regroup and run the table. What if the Tennessee game was their wake up call this year - a wake up call that they won, no less - and they come out next week like the last half of the season last year?

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