Tuesday, September 1, 2009

NCAA Football Week By Week

Week Fourteen
Arizona a. USC (AF!) - By default, this becomes our pick. Okay, in all fairness, the "real" pick this week will likely be either the SEC or Big 12 Championship Game, but that's not the way this thing works. Anyway, the Mike Stoops led Wildcats probably don't have much of a shot against the Trojans, particularly if USC doesn't piss away a game they should win and are perhaps in the hunt for a National Championship. (Which, after the last few seasons, is a pretty big "if".)

Speaking of college football, holy hell, can you believe the first real game (sorry Quincy and Indiana State) is the day after tomorrow? What's more, Action Football! will be on location at the NC State/South Carolina game. Don't expect to hear any interviews or anything from that game, though. We'll be far too busy getting drunk to do any work.

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