Wednesday, September 2, 2009

WednesDay in Football

Oh, shiiiii.... Man, when it rains it pours, hey Dick Rod? Fresh on the heels of allegations regarding NCAA violating practice habits, it comes to light that Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez was involved in a failed real estate deal with some scumbag from South Carolina. What is it they say about birds of a feather? Oh, yeah, there's two of them in a bush which you can kill with one stone in your hand. Or something like that.

Iowa Hawkeye running back and successor to Shonn Greene, Jewel Hampton, is out for the year with a knee injury requiring surgery. While who will replace Greene is a pressing question for Iowa, a more pressing question is "Is Jewel pronounced like 'Who Will Save Your Soul' Jewel, or like, Joo-El or something?"

Appalachian State quarterback Armanti Edwards is likely out of the season opener at East Carolina, which boldly changes the complexion of that match up. Armanti kind of reminds me of Amani which makes me think of "Well Dressed" Amani Toomer which reminds me of how much I can't stand Chris Berman.

Big, fat Andre Smith finally ended his hold out by signing with the Bengals and then he broke his big, fat left foot.

Apparently, the New York Jets are considering a trade for Broncos wide receiver, Brandon Marshall. I guess they must not have a "no disgruntled wide receivers prone to lying about hurting themselves by slipping on a McDonald's wrapper" policy.

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