Monday, September 14, 2009

No Urlacher?

I've gone on and on about how the Chicago Bears' defense is getting older by the minute and that the ship has sailed on riding that unit to a division championship, but the game last night against the Packers fed me a little crow: they were flying around and looked, stuffing runs and putting constant heat on Aaron Rodgers.

But now there's gotta be a slight sense of panic in Bears fan-land with the report that a dislocated wrist is ending Brian Urlacher's season. After Urlacher left the game, Green Bay was finally able to start running the ball, which might be a harbinger for the remainder of the season. Really, you can't underestimate the importance of a veteran middle linebacker, and the pre-snap reads and adjustments he makes.

Still though, I'm not doctor, but when I hear "dislocated wrist," my initial reaction is "playing cast."

UPDATE: Apparently the nature and severity of the injury raises concerns for permanent nerve damage. So that's that.

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Matt said...

Yeah, it's weird, but apparently he had to get 12 pins put in there, so I guess it's not like just a dislocated shoulder or a finger or something. But still, being out for the whole season is like "what?"

Apparently they are planning on sliding Hunter Hillenmeyer over, which distresses me greatly. Hillenmeyer is serviceable on the weak side, but manifestly has NOT demonstrated the kind of smarts and understanding it takes to QB the defense. I don't expect him to last long in the middle, even if we don't get Derrick Brooks.

The whole situation just sucks ass.