Wednesday, July 1, 2009

WednesDay in Football

Apparently, LenDale White's tired of LenWhale cracks because he's vowing to keep his weight down. Chances of that actually happening? 0%

Speaking of playing percentages, Charlie Batch told the 2009 NFL rookies that there's a "'100 percent' chance of a league-imposed lockout in 2011." To be frank, the only thing Charlie Batch is qualified to discuss as being 100% certain is his chances of appearing in a used car commercial.

It seems like the only break NC State's Nate Irving can catch is a broken leg. And a collapsed lung, I guess. Seriously, though, the Wolfpack's defense last season was a different beast with Irving in the line up. It'd be a pretty sever blow to the team if he missed much or all of this season.

At the risk of this turning into a suuuuper nerdy rant, ex-college football players have got to stop suing Electronic Arts over using their likenesses in the NCAA football games. First it was Sam Keller, now some jerkweed that even Rutgers fans haven't heard of. First off, if these dudes won their suit, EA would just have to make every player in the game one inch taller or shorter, five pounds heavier or lighter, and shift each number up or down by one. As long as the rosters and players are editable, somebody will fix them, upload them to an EA locker, and all that effort will be for naught. Secondly, if anybody had a legitimate claim that EA was profiting from their image, it'd be somebody like Tim Tebow or Jahvid Best, because I can guarantee you that nobody but nobody bought NCAA 04 specifically to play as Ryan Hart....

I saw this at EDSBS. I defy anyone to watch this and not peek at their calendar to see how far off September 3rd is.

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