Wednesday, July 29, 2009

NCAA Football Week By Week

Week Six
  • Purdue a. Minnesota
  • UCLA v. Oregon
  • Washington v. Arizona
  • Florida a. LSU
  • Alabama a. Ole Miss
  • Utah State a. New Mexico State
Nebraska a. Missouri (AF!) - Pretty slim pickin's this week, SportingNews. Given our established disdain for the SEC, I was reluctant to give a second nod to either Ole Miss or Florida (the former because we're skeptical, the latter because there'll be plenty of talk surrounding every game Florida plays - because, you know, they're going to get the best effort from every opponent blah blah blah), so here you are with a Big 12 North match up. I'm determined to watch more Big 12 football this season (along with, for reasons I can't really explain myself, C-USA), so I'll take my own advice and watch this one. I think I'll also take more of my own advice and go get a burrito.

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