Friday, July 24, 2009

NCAA Football Week By Week

Week Three
  • Boston College a. Clemson
  • North Carolina v. East Carolina
  • Miami v. Georgia Tech
  • Kansas State a. UCLA
  • Texas Tech a. Texas
  • Marshall v. Bowling Green
  • Alabama-Birmingham a. Troy
  • Arkansas v. Georgia
  • Fresno State v. Boise State
  • Idaho v. San Diego State
  • Utah a. Oregon
  • Akron v. Indiana
  • Toledo v. Ohio State
  • Eastern Michigan a. Michigan
Tennessee a. Florida (AF!) - Even with two games featuring three teams still fighting for national respect (Fresno State - who failed to come close to the lofty expectations many had for them at the beginning of last season - against Boise State - while most casual football fans probably know they've been successful lately, few likely realize they've gone 35-4 over the past three seasons - and Utah - who could actually be better than the team that beat Alabama in the Sugar Bowl last year - at Oregon), Tennessee at Florida will have the best storyline of the week. After Lane Kiffin spent the off-season bizarrely putting his foot in his mouth time and again, his first taste of SEC football comes not only against Florida, but in Gainesville to boot. You should probably expect Florida to win by nearly ten touchdowns, but in the extremely, extremely rare event that Kiffin's "singing Rocky Top all night" prediction comes true, not only would it be a frontrunner for Upset of the Year, but Tim Tebow would probably committ seppuku at the 50-yard line immediately after the game.

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