Friday, July 24, 2009

FriDay in Football: 41 Days Edition

Will lower expectations help Georgia this season? Couldn't hurt, I guess. As a Wisconsin fan, I've noticed that the team has done better when they start the season unranked. So that's something....

Boise State will play at Virginia Tech in 2010. It doesn't mention if it's a home-home series (a phrase I've always disliked...I understand it means that each team gets a home game but my brain doesn't work that way; I think it should be "home-away." So there.), but at least if it's a one-off it's not at Boise State. The novelty of that blue field wears off a few minute into a game. Then it just gives me a headache.

Goody Goodell seems poised to give Mike Vick the go-ahead for signing with a new team. But then might suspend him another four games? Um, okay.... I'da thought that the two years he spent out of the League would be sufficient (not to mention the shit ton of animosity he, and the team that sign him, are likely to get in the future) was punishment enough, but Goodell does what Goodell wants....

Finally, while not really news, Football Outsiders has an interesting article about tabletop football games. I never played them myself - nor did I get into D&D or Magic: the Gathering or comics (Tecmo Super Bowl was my poison, I guess) which is a bit odd, because that's the sort of nerdy bullshit that should have been up my alley as a nerdy kid - but I had a friend that played Strat-o-matic baseball (who, not coincidentally, also played Magic...). The game seemed simultaneously interesting and boring-as-hell. Anyway, with fantasy baseball playing an integral part of The 40-Year Old Virgin and Fanboys being made (though direct to video) and every goddamned toy and board game ever made being optioned for films, if you don't think there's a movie about tabletop sports games in a pipeline somewhere, you're fucking nuts.

At first I was looking for a picture of nerds playing tabletop games, then nerds generally, then I remembered Fanboys and then I was like, "No reason not to post this picture...." It's like, "Hey, Kristen Bell, I'd sure like to Leia!" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

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