Tuesday, June 30, 2009

TuesDay in Football

Matthew Haynes, over at the SportingNews, ranks the ten worst nonconference schedules. Apparently, this article is the seventh in a series looking at upcoming schedules. So, you know, you could read the rest, I guess.

Evan Berry, Tennessee stud Eric Berry's kid brother, committed to the Vols. Oh, and by the way, the Evan Berry is 13 years old. Chee-rist.

As expected, doofus/asshat Dennis Dodd made his Big 12 picks.

In an era of ill-advised rookie holdouts, it's refreshing to read that Packers rookie B.J. Raji realizes that it's ultimately to his benefit not to holdout.

Mike Florio lists ten rookies to watch in camp. I only knew Florio from Pro Football Talk, which has the distinction of breaking rumors with a Chris Mortensen-like success rate.

Finally, in perhaps the biggest NFL news of the day, I signed up for NFL Sunday Ticket. BOOM!

I would like to announce my commitment to the University of Georgia.

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Matt said...

Tremendous upside potential on this kid.