Thursday, July 23, 2009

NCAA Football Week By Week

Week Two
  • West Virginia v. East Carolina
  • Michigan v. Notre Dame
  • Minnesota v. Air Force
  • Iowa State v. Iowa
  • UTEP v. Kansas
  • South Carolina a. Georgia
  • San Diego State v. Southern Utah
  • Wyoming v. Texas
  • Bowling Green a. Missouri
  • Troy a. Florida
Ohio State v. USC (AF!) - As these weekly previews progress, it's likely that we'll stop picking chalk for the Game of the Week, but, like Virginia Tech/Alabama, I couldn't not pick this one. I did hesitate since probably before the season starts ABC will be pimping this game. Hard. The consequences of this game could be pretty severe. While nobody's really giving a Big Ten team a chance to play in the BCS National Championship I say don't be too sure. There are only two games that should give Ohio State trouble this year and this is one of them (at Penn State on November 7 is the other). A relatively high ranking heading into the season and an early season win against Southern Cal - a distinct possibilty considering the game's in Columbus, the Buckeyes are lining up with a presumed-more-composed-and-game-ready Terrelle Pryor, and the Trojans are in a rebuilding (or "reloading" if you're in the "a program like USC don't rebuild..." camp) year - could set the stage for an eventual #2 - or God forbid #1 - ranking everbody loves to hate. Still, though, as long as there's a human component to the BCS rankings, I expect a two-loss SEC, Big 12, or even Pac-10 team to have a better shot at the NC than an undefeated Big Ten team.... Oh, and if I hadn't picked this game, I'd have gone way off the radar with Texas at Wyoming if only because how in the hell did Wyoming convince Texas to play them in Laramie?

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