Wednesday, July 22, 2009

NCAA Football Week By Week

Listeners to Action Football!'s podcast know that we like to rip stuff off. For instance, when we discussed NFL weekly recaps and previews, we used the Quad Fours (CBS Sports' Pete Prisco's Power Rankings). While we're determined to do our own power rankings this year, that doesn't mean we're done ripping off other people's work.

Though we don't have the recording date set, like last year our first episode will be an NCAA preview and as a starting point, we'll use The SportingNews' top 25 and conference predictions. (Speaking of top 25s, this year will be jettisoning Action Football!'s Amalgamated Top 25 for our very own picks. Whether that will be one list we agree upon or two that we each keep remains to be seen, but our first probably won't be until a few weeks into the season because, frankly, what does anyone really know now anyway?)

This is basically a long-winded way to bring up the always excellent SportingNews College Football preview magazine (on newstands now!), which will be our reference for our aforementioned "starting point." In each team preview, they list one "must see" game. We've gone through all the FBS teams and compiled those games by week, and will list them for you here over the next few weeks along with selecting one game as the Action Football! pick (subject to asterisks, I guess, since I'll be the one picking them and Rochester may have other ideas). What's the point in listing games to watch at least six weeks in advance (today's) and as much as five months in advance? Well, to be honest, it's easy content. And also, it's never too early to put the Louisiana-Lafayette/Louisiana-Monroe game on your Google calendar....

When the season starts, we'll repost that weeks SN picks to save you the trouble of searching the archives because we're good like that. Anyway, without further ado:

Week One
  • Florida State v. Miami
  • Rutgers v. Cincinnati
  • Illinois v. Missouri
  • Oklahoma State v. Georgia
  • Texas A&M v. New Mexico
  • Memphis v. Ole Miss
  • Tulane v. Tulsa
  • Oregon a. Boise State
  • Washington State v. Stanford
  • Nevada a. Notre Dame
  • New Mexico State v. Idaho
  • BYU a. Oklahoma
  • Colorado State a. Colorado
  • Ohio v. Connecticut
  • Miami (OH) v. Kentucky
  • Western Michigan a. Michigan
Virginia Tech v. Alabama (AF!) - I very nearly went with Memphis/Ole Miss since everybody seems to be jockin' the Rebs and Action Football!'s not buying what they're selling, but I couldn't not pick this one. With Virginia Tech a somewhat fashionable darkhorse National Championship pick and Alabama looking to show that their late season #1 ranking before ending the season with two consecutive losses (Florida in the SEC Championship game and Utah in the Sugar Bowl) wasn't a fluke both teams have a bunch riding on this one.

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