Saturday, July 4, 2009

Yoo-hoo! Whose the bear?

I was perusing the latest copy of The Sporting News. They had a preliminary top 120 for college football. It was a bit different because they asked other people in the game their opinions of the poll that they had. This isn't all that amazing except they felt it might be a good idea to talk to Kent State RB Eugene Jarvis. TSN has Kent State 118 out of 120. That has to be one of the worst things to happen to the Kent State student body in the last 40 years.

Not too bad of an article, except Notre Dame is 18th on the poll. Wha?! If it was a man pole, then I could see putting Notre Dame 1st. But, 18th?! Zam! TSN asks Chicago Bears DE and former IU Hoosier, Adewale Ogunleye, his views on the poll. His response:
"Whoever put Notre Dame in the top 30 needs to be fired."
Mr. Ogunleye is vying for Marshawn Lynch's position has Action Football!'s favorite player. And it might just work.

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Matt said...

Two comments: a) the Bears are awesome, and 2) Wally is like the prince of Tanzania or some shit. So, he obviously knows his shit.

And how the FUCK is the word verification, which is supposed to prevent spam, actually CIALIS. Swear to dog, yo.