Friday, August 29, 2008

SEC Football at it best.

I have already had one of my (what should be many) therapy sessions on the NC State/South Carolina game. Howevs, during the game last night the announcers (nice tie, Jesse Palmer) mentioned that South Carolina RB Mike Davis was to serve a suspension for breaking into the team locker room to steal Gatorade from the refrigerator. First off, I think Micheal Mann should look at this crime for his next installment of Heat. Second, he f*cking played. I looked at South Carolina schedule. I have a sneaky suspicion that Davis will not be sitting until they play Wofford. Just a hunch. Their second leading rusher had just 35 yards on 14 carries. This is almost as bad as when the SEC banned BJ McKie half of a game. Wow looky here, they both went to South Carolina. What a coincidence!


John said...

As I understood it, his punishment for electrolyte theft was "not starting the State game." The suspension comes from skipping classes spring semester. The worst thing the NCAA can do is leave punishments up to the discretion of the coach, especially Spurrier.

Matt said...

That article at the arkansas scout website is probably the worst writing I have ever read. Possibly the worst writing the human race has ever seen. Fuck. Even cavemen used commas. Holy fuck! I can't get over how bad that article is! What the fuck does this sentence even mean?
"As ESPN officially got all their Gators in one basket with the former Steve Spurrier, Erin Andrews and Jesse Palmer in Chicken Country, saw the team that was playing the game noticeably distracted early on."
It's like 5 different sentences all fucked together, like an orgy of incomprehensibility. Who or what is the former Steve Spurrier? So much bad. Fuck. That guy probably got paid for that article.