Tuesday, August 19, 2008

And introducing Buddy Randolph:

I'll follow up Rochester's post with a little about me.
  1. Growing up in southeast Wisconsin in a family of unrepentant sports homers, I'm a big Packers and Badgers fan. Accordingly, I despise the Chicago Bears. I derive almost as much pleasure from them losing as I do from the Packers winning. Regardless of how Green Bay does this season, given how shitty the Bears look, I should have plenty to be happy about.
  2. A lot of people like "The Super Bowl Shuffle" for its kitsch. Not me. Hearing it makes me want to puke.
  3. I hate Michigan. But I'm sure Wolverines fans would react to that the way I do to Vikings fans ranting about Green Bay. Michigan:Ohio State :: Green Bay: Chicago, so it's just adorable that they try to gin up a rivalry....
  4. I should probably have more vitriol for Minnesota, but there's been such a huge gap in talent between the Badgers and Gophers over the past fifteen years, I just can't muster it up.
  5. As a peculiar quirk of college ball, though, since I'm a Big Ten apologist, I'll still pull for Big Blue in bowl season. (Something I'd never do for another NFC North team in the play-offs.)
  6. Like Rochester, I can't stand Notre Dame.
  7. Also like Rochester, I find it really hard to watch SEC football. In fact, I suspect that unless you grow up in SEC country (clues: grown men calling their fathers "daddy," broken screen doors, referring to animals, unironically, as varmints), you're in the same boat.
So there you have it.

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