Friday, August 29, 2008

34-0? Where is my bourbon and handgun?

So if you were watching, NC State got messed up pretty bad last night. And when I say, "messed up pretty bad" I really mean, "This must be how Jodie Foster felt in The Accused." I relatively understand what Tom O'Brien was trying to do with Russell Wilson. He had him run a couple of times to throw South Carolina's defense off. He was looking at it for a whole game kind of picture. With those runs to the outside, because our offensive line was, well, offensive, he could then set up passes down field later in the game. But Russell Wilson's head and neck had a different idea and we got to see the face of NC State football for the last three disappointing season, Danny Evans. Before he entered the game the turnover margin was NC State +2. WHAT IN THE SAM HOUSTON STATE? NC STATE WAS LEADING THE TURNOVER BATTLE? Then came good ol' Toaster Head Evans. If Picasso's art medium is paint and Michelangelo's is marble, then Danny Evans's should be turnovers. He makes simple passes look so hard. He makes substandard defensive ends look like LT after three lines of coke. He is a true master of his craft. Another case of ants at a picnic was converted DT/current center Ted Larsen (also known as Larson to ESPN). His snaps were high quite often and once led to a fumble. I really hope he gets his proverbial head out of his proverbial ass before the proverbial next game of the proverbial season...hypothetically.

Was there a bright spot? Yes, but it is kind of like a tugger when your hoping to get laid. The defense looked really good. The defensive line had real good pressure which led to four interceptions. The linebacking corp was led by Nate Irving (9 tackles and 1 INT). They actually looked solid for have not starters from last year. And the secondary did their job of picking off the aforementioned passes. Not too shabby. Most of the 34 points was scored in the 4th quarter when the poor guys had been on the field forever. Also, Andre Brown had a nice comeback game, rushing for 101 on 21 carries. He did have a crappy fumble and didn't get in the endzone. So, some jeers mixed in with those cheers, Andre. Nowhere to go but up, Pack.

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