Friday, August 29, 2008

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over

But Rochester's long personal nightmare is just beginning....

It was awfully nice to settle in for football that matters. I watched the NC State/South Carolina game until just about the end before switching over to Stanford/Oregon State which entertained me until Stanford's pick-six. After that, I went to bed.

Anyway, some notes:
  • Chris Fowler really seems to amuse himself. He chuckled through the last half of nearly every single sentence. Has he always done that?
  • The way Fowler, et al. kept talking about Spurrier Sr. and Spurrier Jr. it sounded like Steve Spurrier's penis was calling some of the plays.
  • Whereas Lou Holtz's halftime pep talks were bizarre and somewhat entertaining, this Dr. Lou shit is gonna get old and fast.
  • Oregon State's defensive coordinator is gonna need to figure out how to scheme to stop the run. When Stanford is gashing you for about 10 yards a carry, buddy, you've got problems.
  • It's no doubt due to the similarities in school name, team colors, and Christian name, but I kept thinking Oregon State's head coach Mike Riley was Oklahoma State's head coach Mike Gundy.
  • ESPN2 is going to have to send a memo to whichever of the guys calling the Stanford game kept pronouncing Chik-Fil-A "chickfilluh." I'm guessing corporate sponsors aren't to keen on having their name's fucked up.
  • Jim Harbaugh looks a lot like Peter Brady.
  • I wish they'd quit calling Erin Andrews "E.A." because I get subconsciously weirded out when those to letters aren't followed by the word "Sports." Why, yes, I am a huge nerd....


John said...

And when did Craig james become such a goof? Was he drunk?

Buddy said...

No kidding.... I was also a little creeped out by his "It looks like they're giving us some potential contestants on The Bachelor" (re: pretty coeds) right after "Don't ask me for a flower" (re: rose to Jesse Palmer).

We get it, Craig, you're not gay....

His little marmalard miming (re: playing with "headaches") was pretty funny, though.