Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Our Podcast is Sick!

I mean that literally. I am almost 30 years old for Fred Savage's sake, why would I use the term sick to mean something good. The only 30 year olds who use sick to mean something good are those dochebags who still skateboard. Why aren't those dudes on a sexual predator watch list? I mean, I can't walk past St. Mary's during a field hockey game without getting one of these uppity mothers throwing their Volvo keys at my ass, but these guys can gleam the cube with a bunch of teen-aged boys? Where are you on this one, Chris Hansen? Oh and I love it when these guys show up at there jobs with twisted ankles and broken hips. Have fun explaining that one to your VP of development, fuckshovel.

Anywho, Buddy Randolph got a case of the sniffles and decided to squash this week's podcast. I wouldn't hear of it. So, I went ahead and talked about the NFL for an hour all by me-self. There was no recording equipment, so no one would hear it. No one hearing our podcast is pretty much standard, so no biggie-shortie. We'll be back next week. Take you vitamins and Happy Halloween, people. FOR TRUE!

1 comment:

Matt said...

I'm sick, too, so I probably wouldn't have listened to it.

Also, word verification word is "flers"! Ahh... takes me back.