Wednesday, August 12, 2009

WednesDay in Football: 22 Days

Everyday he's hustlin': Michigan Coach Rich "Dick Rod" Rodriguez spoke a bit about Justin Feagin's dismissal from the Wolverines. In a nutshell, Feagin was apparently a known campus weed dealer, who claims to have been open to coaches about his past dealing drugs in Florida, who had a bottle of gasoline lit on fire in front of his door after taking $600 from a student in order to secure some cocaine from his connections in Florida and not delivering. Questions, of course, arose concerning Dick Rod's investigatory practice in recruiting. Right after his dismissal, Feagin hoped to transfer to Appalachian State but they were all, "Thanks, but no thanks," which is too bad because a few years in western North Carolina would have been a great opportunity to branch out into dealing crystal meth.

Hands down the biggest story in college football, no all football, no America! is that Virginia Tech running back Darren Evans will miss the season with an ACL injury. VT was a sexy dark horse National Champion pick, and Evans was prominently featured in all the Hokies previews. At least we won't have to wait long to see how his back ups will fare. Remember, VT/Alabama is Action Football!'s week one Game to Watch pick. Boom!

Lawrence Phillips was convicted of assault and other felony charges (six more makes seven, seven felony counts, ah-ah-ah-ah). Although really this story should be under NCAA because face it, while he technically played in the NFL it's his college career that everybody remembers. Oh, and the crime.

T.O.'s t-oe (ZING!) kept him out of practice and will keep him day to day.

And speaking of the Bills, in an attempt to recapture some early '90s magic, Buffalo's going no huddle. Furthermore, Nutmeg Mills and Starter are in a bidding war to handle Buffalo's merchandising and Ugly Kid Joe's been hired to write a themesong for the team.


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