Monday, August 10, 2009

NCAA Football Week By Week

Week Seven
  • Clemson v. Wake Forest
  • Virginia a. Maryland
  • Northwestern a. Michigan State
  • Colorado v. Kansas
  • Texas v. Oklahoma
  • UCF v. Miami
  • Tulsa v. Boise State
  • SMU v. Navy
  • San Jose State a. Fresno
  • Notre Dame v. USC
Georgia Tech v. Virginia Tech (AF!) - Whoa! Stop the presses! Action Football! has blown the internet apart. The entire college football world will be abuzz with two games: Texas/Oklahoma's Red River Shootout and Notre Dame/USC's Does This Rivalry Have a Name? Game. Both of those games could have big National Championship consequences for three of the four teams (you know the ones I'm talking about...), but we're looking at GTVT, son. This game will, at the least, have a big influence on the ACC Coastal division (and thereby the ACC overall), but may have NC consequences, too, with both teams semi-legit darkhorse candidates. This game could have it all: Georgia Tech's weirdo triple option offense, and, if a player gets fired up enough, Beamer takin' one to the melon!

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