Monday, August 24, 2009

How I loathe you with all my hate, Notre Dame.

I was doing some research for a quick post on the disaster in Dallas and wound up at the Alamodome website (Ed. Note: Check out "Fact No. 4". Oh, the end zones. That makes more sense then in the middle of the field.) I remember visiting San Antonio right after the Alamodome was built and remember the tour guide (Yes! I took a guided tour of a stadium! What the fuck of it? I was 12, ya judgmental clown shoes!) talking about how they did extentive testing to make sure that it could house a football team. At the time, the NFL was looking to expand. It is amazing to me how little thought is going into these new billion dollar stadiums. New Yankee Stadium has freak jet stream that lift balls out. Citi Field has obstructed views. Owners, please stop worrying about how many skyboxes you can put in and borrow an engineers, preferably an Asian one, to do a little number crunching.

The other random fact is the October 31st game between Notre Dame and Washington San Antonio...TEXAS! Who are the ad wizards who came up with this one?


Buddy said...

Why do I get the impression that is your homepage? YOU FUCKING LOVE SAN ANTONIO!

Rochester said...

I love San Antonio so much that I might buy a Santonio Holmes jersey.

Kyle Simonsen said...

ad wizards? try recruiting wizards. with how much raw, unfettered talent comes out of tejas, i'm surprised every team doesn't schedule at leadt one game there just to show themselves off to high school kids they are salivating to have join their team.