Tuesday, August 4, 2009

TuesDay in Football: T-Minus 30 Days

Urban Meyer got paid, son. Six year contract, $24 mil equals a lot of...well, whatever that guy likes. I like to believe he's in to tricking out bicycles. Also, did you know there were eight popes named Urban? Including Blessed Urban V. Now, I'm no papal historian, so I don't know what makes some popes "blessed," but I'm positive Blessed Eugene was a dweeb. And Blessed Innocent (V and XI) sounds like a Christian rapper name. And a good snap for a pope named Boniface would be "Pope Boner-face."

College Football Resource has a recap of some recent coach tweets. Steve "The Shark" Sarkisian should be told that while there is a 140 character limit, there's no pressure to try to use them up.... Three question marks and six exclamation points? Cool it with the punctuation marks, guy.

Clay Travis has a great post about the awful feeling of high expectations. It's been said before, and it'll be said again, but we think Ole Miss is being gassed unreasonably. By the end of November, the only thing that will have separated this year's preseason top 10 Ole Miss team and last year's preseason #1 Georgia team will be that by most accounts, Georgia actually deserved their hype.

Plaxico Burress was indicted for his "shot myself in the leg in the club" incident. They say three and a half to fifteen if indicted, but why do I keep seeing "thirty days and three years of probation" in my crystal ball?

The Eagles signed Jeremy Maclin to a five year deal. Over the last few years, Tony Kornheiser has loved saying that McNabb hasn't had a receiver since Terrell Owens, but man, DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Jason Avant, Reggie Brown, Hank Baskett, and Maclin (not to mention Brian Westbrook).... That's starting to look like a pretty fun team to watch.

Bengals tight end Reggie Kelly ruptured his Achilles' tendon. Ever since that part in Pet Sematary when that little zombie kid was hiding under the bed and cut Fred Gwynne's Achilles' with a scalpel, Achilles' injuries have bugged me out big time.

Plaxico, any chance of seeing that old ring again? Hmm? The one I gave you? - Bilbo Baggins, Plaxico Burress's attorney


Matt said...

Oh man I was totally just thinking about that scene the other day. That is absolutely what I would try to do if someone broke into my place. But that's just because I don't own a gun. If I had a gun, I would obviously just shoot the guy in his Achilles tendon.

Buddy said...

Plus, one of my middle school teachers said that when she was a girl her brother ruptured his Achilles' and it rolled up in his leg like a window shade. I can not shake that awful, awful imagery.

And a gun that shoots knives FTW.