Friday, October 23, 2009


I am gonna have to be the one to say this? Seriously? I mean, come on. The Packers were not willing to bring Farve back for one more disappointing year, but Ahman Green is a no-brainer? COME ON! I am sure Samkon Gado will be more that happy to take a break from his job as a clerk at Big Lots to do whatever the hell the Packers are going to do with Green for the next whenever the hell they use him. Here is a list of Free Agent RB who are available and you play GM:
1. Shaun Alexander
2. Samkon Gado
3. Andre Hall
4. Rudi Johnson
5. Travis Minor
6. Michael Pittman
7. Dominic Rhodes


Buddy said...

I'll admit that I was pretty stumped by the signing of Ahman Green, but let's not go completely nutso here.

As everybody knows, cutting ties with Favre had nothing to do with his on field performance and everything to do with his off-season waffling and getting Aaron Rodgers into the game.

The Green signing makes (some) sense because he's a one cut back that already knows the offense. That could play in a pinch behind Grant and Brandon Jackson. Gado would be the second most logical choice, but who knows, maybe they're gonna let Green retire a Packer.

Samuel said...

Nice picture. No wonder A.J. Hawk's numbers are down, he looks terrible!