Tuesday, November 24, 2009

TuesDay in Football: Three Week Build Up Edition

When a blog has gotten to the point that the content going up is from loyal readers (tip o' the tam to Sam), you're in trouble. So here's some stuff that's going on and other things that probably should have been mentioned but weren't.

Might as well start with Sam's tip: Jimmy Clausen got drilled in the grill by an upset Notre Dame fan outside a South Bend "restaurant" (read: "bar") early Sunday morning. Now, I dislike Jimmy Clausen as much as any rational person, but I don't think that he deserved to get sucker punched. Maybe that disgruntled fan should've sought out Charlie Weis to deliver an ol' one-two to his fupa. Which is what I want to do everytime the clip of a teary-eyed, pre-Senior Day game Weis is on tv.

Old news, but a trio of Tennessee Volunteer football players (and some broad) were arrested for attempted robbery.

New news, the one player - Janzen Jackson - not kicked off the team (and the broad) had the charges dropped. Congrats, upstanding citizens!

An Oregon cheerleader was knocked out and concussed by a water bottle chucked onto the field after the Ducks beat the Arizona Wildcats in Tucson. The Pac-10? Really? If I heard the report without the schools named, I'da guessed damn near the entire SEC, half the Big 12, and a quarter of the ACC and Big Ten before I landed on a Pac-10 school. Go figure.

The BCS has hired former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer to spin their system. I spent a lot of W's terms working in a place that had news radio (not NewsRadio, unfortunately) on, and I quite liked Fleischer; easily my favorite press secretary. Since I'm no BCS hater, I hope that he does a good job. I can't imagine it'd be much more difficult than "Mission Accomplised"....

Like the Vol Gang, this is old news, but the Bills shit-canned Dick Jauron. Soooo, yeah, there's that, I guess.

First, like a week before the season started, Bucaneers coach Raheem Morris fired offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzkinskizzkii. Now, defensive coordinator Jim Bates was demoted with Morris taking over the defense. Does anybody else get the feeling that, if the Bucs are 1-12 in a couple weeks, Morris will decide he's the starting quarterback, middle linebacker, place kicker, bus driver, and concessions manager?

Eric Mangini claims that the Detroit Lions faked injuries to slow down the Browns no-huddle offense. Even if it's true, fuck you, Mangini. Is there a less likable (more unlikable?) coach in the NFL?


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Rochester said...

I am willing to admit that NC State would be in that quarter of the ACC. We pee in the stands for Christ's sake.