Thursday, June 25, 2009

ThursDay in Football

Happened yesterday (or the day before, but who's counting?), but Northwestern locked up baby faced Pat Fitzgerald through 2015. Man oh man, that sounds like the future, huh?

Oklahoma's athletic department is breaking off $3 million for academics at the school. What do you think the odds are that the "academic programs" they sponsor are for "tutors" for the "student" athletes? (See, because they "cheat." Wait...strike that last set of quotes.)

While commitments at this time of year aren't worth the paper they're not printed on (huh?), NC State got a commitment from 4-star receiver Anthony Creecy (Southern Durham). What do you think the odds are that Rochester hits up a couple of Southern games with a big "I *heart* AC" sign this fall?

Julius Peppers is getting paid, son. $16.7 mil might not be too bad if he repeats 2008 (14.5 sacks*) instead of 2007 (2.5).

The Packers worked out a contract extension with Greg Jennings. So, yeah, there's that....

And finally, if you go to a Dolphins game in Miami any time soon, know that the rhythm is going to get you while you eat a cheeseburger in paradise. Or some shit.

This is on laserdisc? FUCK YES!

* Yes, nerds, I know that sacks are an over-rated gauge of defensive line performance. Whatever.

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Rochester said...

I saw Laserdisc on that too and damn near shit myself!