Tuesday, June 9, 2009

AF!'s Back Like Cooked Crack

You might have noticed that our "promised" Draft coverage/recap podcast never came to fruition. Well, I've gotta admit, that while I still did get lathered up for the Draft and various college spring games, it was nice to watch them without having ways to work them into posts or podcasts running through my mind.

Well, forget late winter and early spring football teases, it's by-god-summer now, and the best way to approach summer days are (1) sitting in the air conditioning reading the first real* college football previews that pop up on blogs (this is an annual favorite of mine, for instance), (2) counting down the days until you start spending Saturday and Sunday afternoons in the air conditioning watching games, and (3) counting down the days from then until you can open the doors and windows, watching games with a pleasant autumn breeze flowing through the house.

Anyway, in the coming weeks, Rochester and I will have a meeting of the livers and work out a timetable for NCAA and NFL preview posts and shows.

So get ready...and get PUMPED!

* This "real" asterisk is twofold: first, they're written by amateurs (or semi-pros at best), so some sticks-in-the-mud wouldn't consider them real anyway, and second, given that "next season" previews start popping up ten minutes after the National Championship game, I've decided not to consider anything an actual season preview until the historical average high for my town is at least 85 degrees.

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