Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bowl Season was a rough...

As you may have known, Buddy and I are big honks for our alma mater's conferences. Buddy, a Wisconsin alum, is solid Big Ten (11) honk. I, a NC State alum, am an ACC hump. With that being said, Bowl season was rough on both our conferences and the games were rough for our respective school. The Wisconsin Badgers took it off the chin in one of the ACC's five bowl victories out of ten bowl games. I hadn't seen anyone get beat like that without at least waterboardding them first. The NC State Russell Wilsons fell apart when QB Russell Wilson went down with a PCL injury. A PCL is the good kind of knee injury though, so he should be back by spring. He is lucky it was and ATL injury. He would've needed 6 months of doing the dirty bird for rehab. The Big Ten finished Iowa and five in their six games. The ACC was 5-5 in their 10 games , the worst being LSU busting a hole in Paul Johnson's modified 1920's offense. (Ed. Note: The modifications being he plays with sons of Africa on it now.)

The problem with this happening to our conferences is this is what I'll hear about for the next nine months. This is how SEC honks, aka Tom Brando, justify themselves calling the SEC the best in college football. This why I am treated to non-stop talk about the SEC for so long. I am sicken by it. It is an awful way to start the year off and I am endlessly pissed by it. 2009 is gonna suck.

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