Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Action Football! Episode 19


Matt said...

Holy fuck, Rochester, you are dumb at movies. Buddy was right on w/ the soderberg stuff; he's made a lot of cool movies. But you were way, WAY off w/ the whole Timecode thing. Timecode was directed by Mike Figgis, not Brian DePalma, and was not a real-time movie, and did not star Johnny Depp. It had 4 simultaneous frames of action, following 4 different characters, though.
The real-time movie you're thinking of, with Johnny Depp and Charles S. Dutton (Roc), was Nick of Time, and that was directed by someone called John Badham. I can't think of any DePalma movie that did crazy time-shit.

Buddy said...

Now that you mention it, wasn't Snake Eyes kinda real time? DePalma!

Matt said...

Was it? I don't remember. That movie sucked balls so hard.