Thursday, July 28, 2011

Our Long National Nightmare Is Over...

...I want to keep this blog going. Shit has been mad rough on the AF! front over the past 365 days. I don't wanna get into it, but I might be a Republican. SAY WHAAAAAAAA! Also, the lock-out is over, so I can officially talk about how your fantasy football team names of "The Cleveland Steamers" or "Donkey Punchers" are dumb, but still give me an erection. ROCK HARD! So, let's take a minute and thank the good Christian Lord for getting this junk taken care of. Why does He have to be Christian? Because the Jewish Lord hasn't come yet and He might be a ginger. Read the Talmud. So, Andy Dalton might be the next Messiah. Not such a bad pick for the Bengals now, huh? Welcome back, NFL.

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